Bags and pouches Singapore provides the proper styles for twist wrap rolls packaging to assist your business stand out among alternative industries. Most of our twist wrap chocolate rolls square measure remembered and reliable thanks to their physical exposure and sturdiness. Twist wrap packaging is often used for packaging sweets. it’s associate innovative packaging kind wont to attract customers to shop for the products, thus helps to extend the sales.

Twist wrap packaging films square measure helpful for wrapping the products like:
✓ Chewing gum
✓ Jelly gums
✓ Truffles
✓ Lollipops
✓ Candies, among others.

We provide distinctive styles for twist wraps candies to satisfy each business’s packaging wants. nobody is aware of higher than United States that twist wraps for chocolates got to be engaging, inventive and still be safe for the products. we have a tendency to manufacture twist wrap roll that square measure physically luring and durably satisfactory.We build use of the rotogravure technology, that makes it doable for our twist wraps to be written with the utilization of nine completely different colors.

Our twist wraps chocolate films defend the product from contamination and sturdy thanks to we have a tendency to use materials within the producing method as well as,
✓ PE
✓ 0PPE
✓ MET.

Our prime quality twist wrap rolls square measure simple to store and transport. they’re made with Metalized and metal layers for enhancing the period of the products.Our materials vary between Matt to a shiny end. Color variations of our twist wrap packaging rolls embrace silver, gold, red, green, white and black.Twist wraps chocolate rolls usually retain the shapes of products. it’s a good promoting tool that your company will use. we have a tendency to manufacture our twist wrap rolls in varied colors to fit your promotional packaging preference. we have a tendency to produces twist wrap rolls that is associate Eco-friendly packaging answer as they will be reclaimable. Our extremely versatile and sturdy twist wrap rolls square measure ready to permit confectioneries of assorted shapes to be wrapped terribly effectively.