Bags and Pouches Singapore perform tea packaging with the most care, ensuring that the products is unbroken recent for as long as doable. In response to plug desires, we have a tendency to wake our customers varied choices for tea packaging bags, on the market for packaging all sorts of teas like tea bags and tea bags. Tea is a drink that’s enjoyed any time of the day and attributes to refreshing individuals worldwide. it’s required to preserve the freshness, style and aroma of the tea products.

  • We offer style of tea packaging bags from that you’ll be able to choose the choice that most accurately fits to your needs. varied sorts of bags like:
    ✓ Stand up bags
    ✓ Pillow bags
    ✓ Flat bottom bags
    ✓ Side gusset bags
    ✓ Three side sealed bags
    ✓ Vacuum bags, etc are often offered by United States of America for tea packaging.
  • Tea bags that we have to turn out in our company area unit designed so they will meet all the expectations of our customers.
  • With the assistance of the degassing valves, the fragrance and aroma are often protected for an extended amount of your time.

We offer stock tea bags together with custom written bags. we are using the most recent rotogravure technique for manufacturing our custom written tea bags. this system permits United States of America to utilize up to nine colors. We offer style of colors for our tea pouches which is able to build the shoppers feel attracted towards your products. this permits your products to be publicised within the international market and helps to extend turnovers further.

We utilize varied prime quality plastic materials for manufacturing our tea bags including:
✓ PE.

These materials area unit useful for elongating the time period of the products.

Metalized and Al layers other to our tea bags area unit able to give high barrier against wet, odors and different contaminations. Our prime quality tea bags with re-sealable zippers area unit able to preserve the flavor of tea for an extended time as a result of the zippers permit the bag to be opened then re-sealed.

We also attach different varied accessories like:
✓ Euro slots
✓ Degassing valves
✓ Hanging holes
✓ Tear notches
✓ Transparent window to our bags for additional convenience.