Sugar is one among the world’s most consumed products because it is employed in several households. currently each day sugar will be prepackaged in paper or plastic packages. during this high competitive arena, the sole method for distinctive your sugar brands would be through the implementation of distinctive sugar packaging properties. Our sugar packaging bags are made up of sensible quality and hygienical materials. Our bags are designed into multiple film layers laminated along.

  • Our sugar bag forms vary among:
    ✓ Stand up pouches
    ✓ Spout pouches
    ✓ Gusseted bags
    ✓ Flat bottom bags
    ✓ Pillow bags and plenty of others
  • Our sugar packages defend the sugar by as regards to any harmful contamination, smell, ants, wetness and element and continually ensure that the sugar will simply stay pristine and sweet.
  • Our sugar bags are obtainable at some cheap rates.

Bags and Pouches Singapore caters for all of your sugar substance products as a result of we utilize the simplest raw materials for manufacturing our sugar packaging bags. Our bags are extremely sturdy and value effective. We create obtainable variation of bag designs to any or all sugar packaging.

Our sugar packaging bags are factory-made by utilizing varied plastic films like:
✓ PE
✓ LLDPE, that enhance the sturdiness of the sugar packaging material.

Metalized or tin foil layers is additionally value-added with our sugar bags that elongate the time period of the products. We also provide custom printed sugar bags by utilizing the rotogravure technique that enables to print up to nine colors. These bags are a good advertising tool for your company.

We also add varied modifications corresponding to :
✓ Euro slot
✓ Re-sealable zippers
✓ Hanging holes
✓ Degassing valve
✓ Tear notches

Transparent windows for enhancing the packaging effectiveness and simple shopper use.

Different sugar substances like sugar in an exceedingly liquid substance type, refined sugar, white sugar and different sugar choices like fruit sugar are prepackaged in our sugar packages. Our sugar pouches are a versatile packaging type that provides ease to storage and transportation method. you discover our sugar packaging shopper luring and shelf friendly. we also offer perishable sugar bags which might be recycled & it’s an eco-friendly packaging resolution. we offer outflow proof sugar packages that are terribly safe for sugar products.