Stand Up Pouches are ideal for products that will be positioned on retail shelving and can be customized with printing. Our design team have created a wide range of stock stand up pouches to give you an idea of what is possible in our pouch gallery. we make stock stand up pouches in various color effects like matte, shiny, glossy and other different colors . Our pouches has different materials like metalized polyester, bopp, brown paper, white paper etc.

  • Order Start From Minimum 100 pieces.
  • Our one of the core product are stand up pouches, which makes your product attractive and helps to increase attention of the customers. It’s also helps in giving value to your products and brand.
  • Compete with Big Boys by Packing Your Products in " PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PACKAGING "
  • For more better convenience. There is also an easy-open mechanism and transparent windows are also incorporated into the stand up pouches.
  • Our stand up packaging bags are more flexible, durable and compatible than boxes, bottles, cans and other rigid and heavy weight-age packaging solutions.
  • We are leading manufacturers, suppliers and Wholesaler of Stand up pouches, flexible packaging bags and many more.

Bags and Pouches Singapore focuses to providing cost effective, attractive and unique packaging solutions. We are one of the leading stand up pouch manufactures and suppliers. the offers pouches are available in stock as well as custom printed options as per your choices. They help to enhance the visibility of your products on the shelves because of their unique appearance.

These materials are helpful for the preservation of your products.Our stand up pouches are available in stock as well as custom printed options as per your choices. The custom printed stand up pouches are manufactured by using the latest rotogravure technique printing up to 9 colors.

The stand up bags are equipped with various accessories & compatible including like:
✓ Zip closure
✓ Euro slot
✓ Hanging holes
✓ Tear notches
✓ Aroma protection valves