Spout pouches are mostly used for packaging of liquid form products and lubricants. We make by using high-quality materials to produce the spout pouches for ensuring that the pouches are leakage proof and durable.

These pouches can be used for packaging liquid substances including Alcoholic beverages, Energy drinks, Liquid soaps, Pharmaceutical products, Sauces, Beauty products, Oil and various others. Spout pouches have fixed attractive nozzles to enhancing convenience, product safety and flexibility. Nozzles are fixed on either the side-center top or center-top of the spout pouch. It is a consumer-friendly packaging solution.

Various plastic films used in the production process which are PPE, LLDPE, BOPP, PVC, MET, PET, etc.

These pouches are more secure than containers because of the leakage-proof packaging material used in the production process. These pouches are also referred to as extra fluid bags. Our oil spout pouches are inclusive of metalized and aluminum foil layers to improve the shelf life of the goods. Our liquid pouches provide safe, secure and mess-free storage and transportation of liquid goods, from retailer to consumer.

We produce spout pouches which are fixed with bottom gusset to enhance their ability to stand unattended on the shelves, making them more consumer luring. Spout pouches are equipped with various accessories like Euro slot, a transparent window for more convenience in order to product safety and quality.

The offered pouches are able to protect the products from moisture, oxygen and other contamination with the help of high barrier films. So our spout pouches are a flexible, eco-friendly, innovative and cost-efficient packaging solution for your products.