Bags and Pouches Singapore is one of the leading packaging industries from among all packaging industries. We produce and supplies an ample range & superior quality of shaped pouches that can be useful for packaging various products. We produce our pouches by employing latest machines and advanced technology. We also customize these pouches up to 9 colors by utilizing the latest rotogravure technique with reference to the specifications detailed by our customers.

  • Our shaped pouches are useful for packaging various products for following many industries such as:
    ✓ Pharmaceuticals
    ✓ Cosmetics
    ✓ Plastics
    ✓ Snack food
    ✓ Pet food
    ✓ Liquid products
    ✓ Detergent powder
    ✓ Confectionery products and many others.
  • We are using the best quality of raw materials to produce our shaped pouches including PPE, BOPP, LLDPE, MET and PE.
  • These pouches also provide the highest cost-efficiency. Our shaped pouches are heat resistant and reliable to use.
  • Our shaped pouches offer brands a distinctive and immediately recognizable look and the brand owners can differentiate their products from that of their competitive industries.
  • These pouches are our unique and innovative packaging solution which is able to catch the attention of consumers.

These pouches are available in different various sizes and colors. Our shaped pouches are equipped with various extras. In addition to the pressure closure and the aroma protection valve, and also a euro slot is incorporated. There is also an easy-open mechanism and viewing window incorporated into the pouches. This is a good example of our range of flexible packaging.

The shaped pouches are also included with metalized or aluminum layers which provide a high barrier against moisture and odors and provide a long shelf life of the products packaged inside. Our shaped pouches are straightforward and easy to use and they provide safe storage and transportation as well.

Shaped pouches are different not only due to its shape but also because of the quality, durability and excellent barrier properties.