Rice is one of the most preponderantly consumed commodities across the world. we discover various styles of rice that various size, length and color. currently daily it’s required to emphasise a lot of on best quality rice packaging. bags and Pouches Singapore provides rice packaging that provides your business with the competitive edge. we offer rice packaging bags that defend rice from contamination and preserves rice for extended amount of your time.

  • We offer various rice bags like:
    ✓ White rice bags
    ✓ Basmati rice bags
    ✓ Brown rice bags, etc.
  • We provide rice packaging that withstands various we have capacities and one which may be most resistant as we embody bound plastic materials.
  • It will function a good promotional packaging too for your product and types. we offer distinctive rice pouches with the assistance of that able to differentiate your product still as your complete from that of your competitors.
We utilize plastic films such as:
✓ PE

which may be safe for the direct use of edible products.

We additionally embody metalized layers that facilitate for elongating the period of the rice product, thus preventing product spoilage. We additionally provide custom written rice packs, utilizing up to nine colors with the assistance of rotogravure technique. The use of Bags and Pouches Singapore’s versatile packaging doesn’t solely give convenience in transportation and storage of rice product however additionally enhances the product overall visibility on the shelves. Our rice packaging is completed with 3 main types of finishing like gloss, matt and glossy.

We additionally add various modifications like: ✓ Transparent windows, creating a lot of convenient for customers for viewing the products ✓ Re-sealable zippers ✓ Euro slots ✓ Degassing valves ✓ Hanging holes ✓ Tear notches for a lot of convenience.

All these accessories are value-added with our most well liked bag designs together with, get up bags, Flat bottom bags, gusseted bags, Pillow bags and many more. Nutritional data is visibly displayed on our rice packaging bags which may be useful to retailers still because the customers. Our rice packaging bags square measure shelf friendly, reliable, sturdy and value effective one.