Bags and Pouches Singapore manufactures re-sealable pouches that area unit a mere modification and contribute to the look and effectiveness of packaging. If you’re packing products that require to be keep once more once the packaging has been opened, then our re-sealable pouches offer the patron the chance to open and shut as usually as necessary to store the products back. With the assistance of our re-sealable pouches, your products stay as contemporary as ever. All our pouches area unit factory-made from prime quality materials and may be out there at the foremost reasonable costs at intervals the market. Re-sealable pouches area unit a gorgeous and innovative type of packaging, that is accessible in various styles and area unit safe. They additionally contribute absolutely towards promotional packaging of products.

We build use of prime quality materials resembling polythene (PE) and polypropene (PP) at intervals the producing method for our re-sealable pouches that is extremely versatile and sturdy. we assured to client that our pouches area unit able to meet the necessities of your specific versatile packaging.

Our re-sealable pouches out there in custom written choices that are written up to nine colours by utilizing the most recent rotogravure technique. it’s a good promoting tool for your products. you are able to notice a mode and color variations for our re-sealable pouches that are provided for satisfying totally different packaging style desires. One of the special feature of our re-sealable pouches is that the use of high temperatures is needed, thus outside of the pouches look far more aesthetic.

These pouches area unit helpful for packaging various products like,
✓ Tea
✓ Coffee
✓ Spices
✓ Biscuits
✓ Potato chips
✓ Confectionery
✓ Meat
✓ Breads
✓ Cosmetic products
✓ Pharmaceutical products and lots of others.

Our pouches area unit able to face up to extreme temperature. we have to additionally offer reverse printing for our pouches which supply high gloss for a top quality look. the superb barrier properties provided by United States area unit useful for elongating the period of the products.