Bags and Pouches Singapore produces quad seal Bags that are specially sealed on all the four sides. These quad sealed Bags provide you with an acceptable size and an outsizes area which will hold your product. Quad sealed Bags provide sensible visibility and attract the eye of the shoppers. These Bags have equal protection all four aspects; one side can stay open till the content has been inserted into the bag. And once the bag is stuffed with the content, it’ll be sealed with the assistance of warmth protection machines.

  • Our quad sealed gusseted Bags are used for packing various products like, ✓ Coffee
    ✓ Tea
    ✓ Salt
    ✓ Sugar
    ✓ Snack food
    ✓ Chocolates
    ✓ Pet food
    ✓ Pharmaceutical products
    ✓ Spices
    ✓ Rice, among others.
  • We offer custom written choices for our quad seal Bags that are customized to your preference.
  • Our quad sealed Bags are thought-about as a really trendy and easy kind of packaging.

Bags and Pouches Singapore provides poly gusseted Bags and foil gusseted Bags that are additional sturdy for your products. The quad sealed Bags are shelf friendly as a result of they create show of products additional systematic and luring.

we have able to to build use of the newest rotogravure technique, which allows us to print up to nine completely different colors.

Customization of our quad sealed Bags is created additional convenient by adding modifications corresponding to,

✓ Euro slot
✓ Zippers
✓ Hanging holes
✓ Degassing valve
✓ Transparent window.

Our poly gusseted Bags are made by exploitation various materials like,

✓ PVC for providing additional sturdiness.

The quad seal Bags are made with metalized and an foil layer for providing high protective barrier against wetness, odor, light-weight and alternative contaminations. The metalized and metallic element layer conjointly helps to heighten the puncture and tear resistance of the Bags.

These Bags are glorious for his or her ability to face unattended on the shelves. Our quad sealed Bags are accessible in kraft and conjointly in shiny, matt and gloss finishes.