Bags and Pouches Singapore produces pillow pouches that are extremely effective over ancient packaging. this kind of packaging is additional resistant and protects the contents from external agents. Our pillow packs have 3 seals, a central, within the rear aspect and 2 horizontal joints. consistent with the filling technique, the horizontal joint at the highest or bottom are going to be left open.

  • Pillow Bags are the foremost standard among the rigid packaging solutions and it’s principally used for packing numerous product like,

    ✓ Potato Chips
    ✓ Biscuits
    ✓ Candy
    ✓ Spices
    ✓ Crackers
    ✓ Sweets
    ✓ Bakery product
    ✓ Dried Fruits
    ✓ Organic Foods
    ✓ Protein product
    ✓ Pharmaceutical product and much more.
  • We make by use of the plastic films equivalent to,
    ✓ LLDPE
    ✓ MET
    ✓ BOPP
    ✓ PVC
    ✓ PET
    ✓ PE
  • Our pillow pouches are equipped with numerous accessories together with,

    ✓ Re-Sealable Zipper
    ✓ Euro Slot
    ✓ Tear Notches
    ✓ Transparent window
    ✓ Hanging hole.

Pillow Bags don’t seem to be solely a really reliable and economical approach of packaging, however they’re additionally branded to the precise demand of your product quality.Our pillow Bags are created by exploitation completely different film materials that would be metalized or laminated for enhancing the power of pouches to preserve the product. Pillow packs are shelf friendly and that they are simply hold on and transported.Our pillow pouches are printed up to nine colors as a result of we utilize the most recent rotogravure technique.

These films contributed to the sturdiness and safety for pouch use.

We additionally turn out our pillow pouches with aluminum foil layering that contribute to stay the product recent for extended and shield them from wet, air, light-weight and gas.Our pillow pouches have a high resistance pressure, decreasing package rupture. we turn out perishable Pillow Bags that are eco-friendly and might be recycled. organic process info is effectively displayed on our custom written pouches for providing additional convenience to each the retailers and customers. The pillow bags embrace the choices of either a Matt, shiny or shiny end.

Through the use of hanging hole, the pillow pouches are decorated and displayed on the shelves. it’s a good promotional and promoting tool for your product moreover as your whole and customers are fascinated to shop for the product. And within the finish it’s useful for increasing the sales.