Oxygen Absorbers sachets help the storage of foods for longer duration by absorbing the oxygen. Now you can get 3 to 5 x times better shelf life with Oxy-Mist Oxygen scavenger packs when used with proper packaging and sealing. Bags and Pouches Singapore now offers a product to safeguard for your food products against the Mold and Fungus.

  • We have a large variety of sizes to best suit your needs.
    You can buy Oxygen absorber packs in Sizes: 100 cc, 200 cc, 300 cc, 500 cc, 800 cc, 1000 cc, 2000 cc, 3000 cc
  • Our Food saver Oxygen absorbers are formulated to prolong the shelf life of food, prevent the color change in food products, stop mold growth, stop foods from becoming rancid, and prevent the growth of aerobic microorganisms such as fungi.
  • Oxy-Mist Oxygen absorber packs can absorb the available Oxygen content in the airtight container until 0.01%.

Oxygen absorber packs are safe to use, non-toxic and keep the food fresh, it is strongly recommended not to eat them. Oxygen absorbers are also known as Oxygen scavengers or Oxygen adsorbent.

Dehydrated foods are susceptible to insect contamination and moisture reabsorption. So they must be packed and stored properly. We are one of the leading suppliers of Oxygen absorbers packs.


Moisture absorbers packets are called drying agent or silica gel that protects and helps to extend the shelf-life of products. Silica gel work as a Warriors to moisture related issues.

  • There are several uses of Silica gel sachets for the solutions to the below issues connected food and different products:
    ✓ Lumps forming in food powder, baby food powder, Whey protein
    ✓ Mold and flora Growth in food products
    ✓ Container Rain downside in commerce product
    ✓ The problem of shelf-life of the products
  • Silica Gel uses various products such as :
    ✓ Dehydrated foods
    ✓ Whey protein supplements
    ✓ Best moisture absorbers for Spices, Herbs, store products
    ✓ Snacks
    ✓ Pharmaceuticals products
    ✓ Pet food and fish food
    ✓ Grains and flours
    ✓ To preserve Agricultural seeds and fertilizers
    ✓ Extends the shelf life of products
    ✓ Retains color and flavor
    ✓ Stabilizes water activity
    ✓ Prevents growth of molds and flora
    ✓ Minimizes the requirement for preservatives and additives
    ✓ Manufactured exploitation food grade materials
  • Sizes in grams: one metric weight unit, 2 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, 20 gm, 50 gm

To get the most effective results, use the applicable size of silica gel packets in airtight containers or packaging bags. We have a large range of sizes for Food grade Silica gel packets to best fit your desires.

Silica Gel is Non-toxic, we will use within the food products to soak up the wet and prevents the expansion of mold. But it’s not able to eat.