Bags and Pouches Singapore produce a excellent quality and eco friendly Oxo-degradable Bags, These are created by specific additives into ancient plastics adore synthetic resin (PE), polypropene (PP), phenylethylene (PS), synthetic resin Terephtalate (PET) and generally additionally Polyvinylchloride (PVC) at the instant of conversion into final products. The additives are supported chemical catalysts, containing transition metals, manganese, iron, etc., that cause fragmentation as a results of a chemical oxidisation of the plastics’ compound chains triggered by ultraviolet irradiation or heat exposure. in a very second section, the ensuing fragments are “claimed” to eventually endure biodegradation. European Bioplastics includes a sturdy position paper summarizing the ills of oxo-degradables associate degreed as an trade distanced itself from such products claiming degradability for good thing about the surroundings.

Bags and Pouches uses rotogravure machine technique to print up to 9 colors. Your company logo and other important information can also be printed on the bags. There is various types of styles available in biodegradable bags such as Doypack package, Package with side gusset, Vacuum bags, Paper bags, all biodegradable packaging.

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