Moisture absorbers packets are called drying agent or silica gel that protects and helps to extend the shelf-life of products. Silica gel work as a Warriors to moisture related issues.

There are several uses of Silica gel sachets for the solutions to the below issues connected food and different products:
✓ Lumps forming in food powder, baby food powder, Whey protein
✓ Mold and flora Growth in food products
✓ Container Rain downside in commerce product
✓ The problem of shelf-life of the products

Silica Gel uses various products such as :
✓ Dehydrated foods
✓ Whey protein supplements
✓ Best moisture absorbers for Spices, Herbs, store products
✓ Snacks
✓ Pharmaceuticals products
✓ Pet food and fish food
✓ Grains and flours
✓ To preserve Agricultural seeds and fertilizers

✓ Extends the shelf life of products
✓ Retains color and flavor
✓ Stabilizes water activity
✓ Prevents growth of molds and flora
✓ Minimizes the requirement for preservatives and additives
✓ Manufactured exploitation food grade materials

To get the most effective results, use the applicable size of silica gel packets in airtight containers or packaging bags. We have a large range of sizes for Food grade Silica gel packets to best fit your desires.

Sizes in grams: one metric weight unit, 2 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, 20 gm, 50 gm

Silica Gel is Non-toxic, we will use within the food products to soak up the wet and prevents the expansion of mold. But it’s not able to eat.