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Moisture Absorbers


Bags and Pouches Singapore brings up the answer to your wet issues with the Oxy-Mist wet fascinating packets.


Silica Gel packets are called drying agent colloid that protects and helps extending the time period of products. Colloid acts as Warriors to wet connected issues. We are bourgeois of colloid sachets.


There are several uses of drying agent colloid sachets for the solutions to the below issues connected food and different products:

Lumps forming in food powder, baby food powder, Whey protein

Mold and flora Growth in food products

Container Rain downside in commerce product

Soggy food thanks to wet attack

Difference in style of food, foul smell

Problem of time period of the products

Corrosion and Rust downside in metals


Oxy-Mist provides best wet Absorbers to forestall the harmful effects of wet within the products. Once drying agent colloid sachets are unbroken with food products like spices, herbs, grains, dehydrated foods, it absorbs the wet out there within the packaging and prevents the formation of lumps and insects and keeps dehydrated foods crisp. This facilitate to increase the time period of product and avails for the profitable commerce business. Due to wet in several things, colloid packets uses have exaggerated. Condensation can also harm different things like physical science and should speed the decomposition of chemicals, comparable to those in nutrition pills. Through the inclusion of colloid packets, these things may be preserved longer.


Silica Gel uses at various products such as :

Dehydrated foods and fruity

Vitamins supplements (whey protein)

Keep Spices, Herbs, store products in physical fitness exploitation best wet absorbers

Snacks and batty

Tea Pharmaceuticals products

Pet food and fish food

Grains and flours

To preserve Agricultural seeds and fertilizers

Exporters uses colloid in their payload Containers

Prevention of Corrosion and Rust in Metals

Leather products

Containers of Cat litter



Extends time period of products

Retains contemporary color and flavor

Inhibits rancidity and wetness

Stabilizes water activity

Prevents growth of molds and flora

Minimizes the requirement for preservatives and additives

Manufactured exploitation food grade materials

Prevents Condensation in payload containers


To get simplest} & most effective results, use applicable size of colloid packets in multi-layer pouches and airtight containers or in Mylar bags. We have a large sort of size for Food grade colloid packets to best fit your desires.

Sizes in grams: one metric weight unit, 2 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, 20 gm, 50 gm

Silica Gel is Non toxic, thus we will use within the food products to soak up the wet and prevents the expansion of mold. But it’s not wise to eat the colloid.


Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

Moisture Absorbers

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