Bags and Pouches Singapore produces extremely versatile and sturdy meat packaging bags mistreatment the very best quality materials among the producing method. Meat is consumed and enjoyed by many folks across the world because it consists of water and macro molecule. If you wish to be ensured that the meat product are safe, then the proper packaging material combination is required. an efficient packaging style is that the solely approach of characteristic your complete among others. bags and Pouches Singapore offers engaging and innovative meat packaging styles that assist as an efficient promotional packaging tool for your product further as your complete.

We build use of the plastic films for manufacturing our meat packaging bags including:
✓ PE
✓ PVC that make sure that our packaging are product safe.

We able to give D-metalized foil packaging bags and tin foil layers that facilitate in elongating the time period of the product prepackaged within. Our meat packaging bags will be of custom printing up to nine colours by utilizing the most recent rotogravure technique. nutritionary data is visibly displayed on these bags which may be a additional convenient approach for the retailers and also the customers.

We able to give various modifications like:
✓ Re-sealable nada closure
✓ Euro slot
✓ Easy open mechanism
✓ Degassing valves

Hanging hole for enhancing the benefit of product usage and overall package show. We able to give meat packaging bags with clear window that is employed for higher product viewing.

Various bag designs that we offer for meat packaging are,
✓ Vacuum bags
✓ Stand up pouches
✓ Flat bottom pouch
✓ Pillow pouch
✓ Retort pouch
✓ Three facet seal bags and lots of additional.
We provide meat packaging solutions for various product such as:
✓ Poultry
✓ Mince
✓ Chops
✓ Sausages
✓ Salami, etc.

Our meat packaging bags are outflow proof and supply safe storage and transportation. thus it’s one among the value effective and sturdy meat packaging solutions that you just will select for your meat product.