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Grain/Flour Packaging


Grain is one among the popular commodities which might be consumed by many of us around the world. It will be thought-about as a stable food as a result of it will added to numerous meals. It is able to provide numerous nutrients and energy to our body. It has become terribly hard to differentiate your brand amongst others in today’s competitive arena. Therefor the sole method for this will be through an effective grain packaging/flour packaging styles. Bags and Pouches Singapore provides grain packaging bags which can be able to withstand numerous weight capacities and one which might be moisture resistant.

We provide grain packaging for various products from different markets like;

Bread packaging

Cereal packaging

Flour packaging

Granola packaging

Oats packaging

Rice packaging.

Bags and Pouches Singapore provides graphical assistance with all packaging styles because it is required for the oats packaging bags to own the right packaging style.

We offer numerous bag designs for grain packaging such as;

Stand up pouches

Gusseted bags

Flat bottom bags

Three side seal bags

Spout pouches

Cold seal rolls

Pillow pouches and lot of more.

Our flour packaging bags are produced with metalized or aluminium layers that enhance the shelf life of the products and prevent the spoilage of products.

We manufacture reliable, safe and cost effective, versatile grain packaging bags by utilizing numerous plastic films like;





PE that improves the durability of grain packaging.

We are able to offer luring package colors as we have a tendency to use the rotogravure technique which enables us to print up to 9 colors. All of our grain packaging bags are available in the market with matte, shiny and glossy finishes.

Our flour packaging bags are enclosed with different modifications like;

Re-sealable zippers

Euro slots

Hanging holes

Tear notches

One way degassing valves.

We also add transparent windows with our oats packaging bags for enhancing the merchandise visibility. Our grain packaging will assist with promotion of varied brands and lure consumers to shelves. The storage and transportation will be created easier and more convenient as your products are protected throughout the process. Nutritional information is visibly displayed on our bags which can be more convenient for the retailers as well as consumers. It is also helpful for distinguishing your products from that of your competitors.

Grain Packing

Grain Packing

Flour Packing

Flour Packing

Wheat Packing

Wheat Packing

Wheat grain packing

Wheat grain packing





Coconut Flour Packaging

Coconut Flour Packaging

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