Bags and Pouches Singapore make Foil stamping by used in numerous products, in cosmetics, food and beverages and more.

  • Foil Stamping Pouches looks fantastic and elegance. I sharply recommend making Foil Stamping Pouches so the pouches appearance is more vibrant and fabulous.
  • Compete with Big Boys by Packing Your Products in " PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PACKAGING "

Popular Brands who Use Foil Stamping:

McDonald’s uses foil stamping in their stores and products. You can spot their golden metallic arches on the logo, which project a prestigious feel of their products. They started using the logo for 6 Decades back, and the benefits are visible. In fact toddlers, in a study conducted in Australia, showed a preference to the logo.

Our minimum quantity for custom Foil Stamping Pouches is 500 pieces in each product. We can do foil stamping on plastic pouches and paper pouches. We cannot print very thin text matter in the foil stamping. Bar codes cannot read in the foil stamping. We can only do foil stamping on a flat surface so we cannot do foil stamping on gussets.