Flat Bottom Pouches that became well-liked owing to their attractiveness, flexibility and sturdiness. These pouches became an efficient promoting tool because of their distinctive and hanging style. This distinctive vogue is extremely a lot of enticing and interesting for shoppers and helps you in generating a lot of sales.?

  • Order Start From Minimum 100 pieces.
  • Our flat bottom pouches are ready to carry so many product such as,
    ✓ Chocolate
    ✓ Organic product
    ✓ Dry foods
    ✓ Powders and spices
    ✓ Coffee & Tea
    ✓ Dairy product
    ✓ Pet food product
    ✓ Snack Food
    ✓ Pharmaceutical product and lots of alternative similar product.
  • Compete with Big Boys by Packing Your Products in " PROFESSIONAL LOOKING PACKAGING "
  • Our pouch is additionally be comprehensive of –
    ✓ Re-Sealable Zippers
    ✓ Euro Slot
    ✓ Hanging Holes
    ✓ Degassing Valves
    ✓ Transparent windows that gives a lot of convenience to shoppers.
  • Our flat bottom pouch with window facilitates shoppers for viewing the product before deciding to shop for them.
  • Your product become a lot of noted due to the conspicuous tool in shops and it’s a perfect packaging answer for promoting your product within the world market.
  • These pouches are becoming a lot of and a lot of well-liked. Our flat bottom pouch is offered in several sizes, colors and dimensions.

With the assistance of the degassing valves, the freshness and fragrance of the product are preserved. Nutritionary data is vibrantly and visibly displayed on our pouches that is a lot of convenient for each the retailers and therefore the purchasers.