Flat Bottom Pouches, the new found love of customers also called the eight sides sealed packaging, have been taking over the rest of flexible packaging solutions .

The packaging delivers a combination of unique and creative shapes along with a protective layer that delivers the best of your products to the clients . It has helped this packaging serve a lot more purposes in the flexible packaging industry than the traditional packaging did.

Flat Bottom Pouches have a greater volume to hold in your product along with enabling you to advertise on 5 surfaces, offering both Quantity and Advertising to you.

The material of these pouches with the add on of them standing up in shelves makes it easier for your customers to identify your products amongst all the others.

We at Bags and Pouches enable you to pack chocolates, organic products, Dry fruits, Powders and Spices, Coffee and Tea, Dairy products, Pet Food, Snack Food and Pharmaceutical products to name a few , in these Flat bottom premium quality packaging.

Flat Bottom Pouches are manufactured to deliver quality and style but the quality will always depend on the makers of the packaging.

Thus, we at Bags and Pouches , focus on the making of these packaging to attain the best outcome for your product .

We provide you with a range of variety to choose from and you can get details for the same at www.bagsandpouches.sg to have an insight into our products.