Fish are often used as a number of the tastiest dishes by many people across the world. There square measure several types of fish commodities within the market and then fish packaging wants vary from one to a special sort. bags and Pouches Singapore produces very durable and value effective fish packaging bags. Our bags have distinctive designs that square measure be ready to distinguish your complete from that of your competitors. we tend to create use of the very best quality materials for producing our fish pouches that reinforce the package strength and adaptability. We manufacture ocean food packaging bags that cater for all preferences as a result of various ocean product have utterly completely different packaging wants.

  • We offer varied bag selections for fish packaging including:
    ✓ Pillow bags
    ✓ Stand up pouches
    ✓ Flat bottom bags
    ✓ Vacuum packaging bags
  • These bags square measure usually made up of mistreatment various plastic films love,
    ✓ MET
    ✓ PET
    ✓ LLDPE
    ✓ BOPP
    PE for providing additional sturdiness.
  • Our versatile fish packaging includes fish products like:
    ✓ Salmon
    ✓ Tuna
    ✓ Hake
    ✓ Shrimps
    ✓ Pre-cooked fish, etc.

We have a bent to utilize the newest rotogravure technique; thus we tend to square measure ready to create use of nine completely different colors inside the printing. We provide custom vacuum packaging bags that square measure a wonderful packaging answer for fish products as a result of the primary performance of those bags is to preserve the products. It additionally helps in protective the fish product from harmful bacterium and excess damp.

We provide fish packaging bags that square measure usually equipped with various accessories inclosing,
✓ Re-sealable zippers
✓ Euro slots
✓ Clear window
✓ Tear notches
✓ Hanging hole

A one method degassing valve for additional convenience. We additionally embrace Metalized or tin foil layers in our bags which may be useful for extending the time period of the product.

Fish packaging provides clear and careful biological process info that’s necessary for every retailers and customers. it’s a trouble free packaging answer that lures customers to shop for your products.