Bags and Pouches Singapore produces detergent packaging bags. which are reliable as well as suited for every detergent form. Our detergent packaging is hassle-free regarding storage as well as transportation of various detergent products. The market for detergent goods has been grown to such an extent that leakage-proof and highly effective designs are essential for grabbing the attention of perspective consumers. The market regarding detergents has expanded in the past as well as several types of detergents are available in order to look after assorted personal preferences.

  • Detergent bags are useful for packaging detergent forms like:
    ✓ Powder form detergent
    ✓ Soap bars
    ✓ Liquid detergent packaging and many more.
  • Bags and Pouches Singapore offers various bag styles like:
    ✓ Pillow bags
    ✓ Stand up bags
    ✓ Gusseted bags
    ✓ Flat bottom bags
    ✓ Spout pouches

Three side seal bags and many more for detergent packaging.

Stand up pouches are the most popular form for detergent packaging as they stand unattended on shelves providing the most systematic shelf appearance and are consumer luring.

We use various plastic films for producing our detergent packs including:
✓ PE

We also add metalized or aluminium foil layers with our detergent bags which can be able to elongate the shelf life of the products. Our detergent packaging bags are customized by using the latest rotogravure technique which allows us to print up to 9 colors. These bags serve as an effective marketing tool. The detergent packaging bags have gloss, shiny or matte finish.We provide highest quality detergent packaging, which are used to package many detergent forms.

We add various modifications like:
✓ Re-sealable zippers
✓ Euro slots
✓ Tear notches
✓ Hanging holes
✓ Degassing valves
✓ Transparent windows with our detergent bags for more convenience.

We also produce biodegradable detergent bags which are an eco-friendly packaging solution as it can be recyclable. We offer various sizes and colors of our detergent bags. Our detergent packaging bags are space convenient and shelf friendly. It also provides a mess-free distribution because our packaging material is leakage-proof. So our detergent packaging is durable, flexible and cost effective for your various detergent products.