Dairy products are rich in calcium and nutrients and can be favored among many individuals because it is one of the food groups that are consumed alone and enjoyed with the rest of your meal. Dairy products are best consumed when they are fresh, but if they are not well preserved, and then the product will spoil. They could be considered as one of the most sensitive products that should be packaged carefully and effectively. Bags and Pouches Singapore provides the highest quality dairy products packaging, which is able to protect the contents from oxygen and humidity.

  • Our dairy products packaging includes various dairy products such as,
    ✓ Milk
    ✓ Ice cream
    ✓ Butter
    ✓ Cheese
    ✓ Sour
    ✓ Pressed cheese
    ✓ Yogurt and many others.
  • For the packaging of your dairy products you can choose from our wide range of packages like,
    ✓ Stand up pouches
    ✓ Flat bottom bags
    ✓ Retort bags, pillow bags
    ✓ Shrink labels and sleeves
    ✓ Gusseted bags and many more.
  • Our packaging guarantees the freshness and extended shelf life of the dairy products.

We produce D-metalized as well as aluminium foil packaging bags that help for elongating the shelf life of the products. The use of Bags and Pouches Singapore’s high quality and flexible dairy products packaging does not only provide convenience in storage and transportation, but also enhances the products overall exposure on the shelves.

We make use of high quality materials including,
✓ PE

PVC for manufacturing our dairy products packaging bags which improve product appeal for potential customers. We also produce custom printed bags by utilizing the rotogravure printing up to 9 colors. Our custom printed bags are an effective marketing tool for your products as well as your brand. We provide easy to use and durable dairy products packaging solutions which preserve the products for a long time. Nutritional information is visibly and vibrantly displayed on our dairy products packaging bags. For every packaging type, an easy opening mechanism and re-saleable feature can also be available for more convenience. Our dairy products packaging is able to withstand reasonably warm temperatures. It also helps in promoting various new dairy products and you can be able to distinguish your products from competing industries; hence increasing sales as well.