Bags and Pouches Singapore provides Printed rolls with inventive and distinctive styles that make sure that the products look appealing and engaging to customers. this manner of packaging is in a position to supply good labeling for varied products. Our written rolls area unit a chunk of fabric on that written data concerning the products like complete, price, bar code, etc area unit provided for client convenience and it’s a good promotional packaging tool for your products in addition as your complete. this kind of versatile packaging has evolved to fulfill the wants and wishes of the trendy client. as compared to rigid packaging alternatives, they provide value benefits associated it’s an Eco friendly packaging answer in addition.

  • Our written rolls area unit in fact the best quality and area unit ready to label to varied products from various markets together with ✓ Soft drinks
    ✓ Wine
    ✓ Canned meat
    ✓ Vegetables
    ✓ Fruits
    ✓ Peanuts
    ✓ Snacks and plenty of others.

Our main advantage is to supply customers the chance to buy their written rolls with material specifications desired by them. We use totally different materials that may vary from gilded and laminated metal layer film to BOPP, nylon, polyester, BOPA, CPP, glass and kraft for manufacturing our written rolls. Accordingly to your needs, we are manufacture the written appear totally different layers of fabric, in order that the products within can stay recent for a particular amount of your time. We have the instrumentality necessary for producing written rolls with multi-layer and multi-rolled products which can meet all of your needs.

We perform printing of our written rolls up to nine colors. This printing will be performed with rotogravure technique that is taken into account because the best technique within the market. Our prime quality written rolls aren’t solely helpful for effective promotion functions, however additionally for providing protection against O and wet. this versatile packaging is additionally providing competitive benefits for your business. These rolls area unit client luring, thus helps to extend sales in addition.