Bags and Pouches Singapore offers plastic Bags with various shapes, sizes and colors. we’ve become one among the specialists within the field of plastic packaging and area unit able to give world category plastics Bags to our customers. Plastic bags area unit a price effective possibility and area unit one among the oldest kinds of packaging product, however still stay to be extremely effective. it’s additionally referred united of the foremost cheap packaging solutions.

  • These bags area unit able to give effective promotional packaging standards.
  • These Bags area unit helpful for packaging various product like,
    ✓ Pet food
    ✓ Coffee
    ✓ Tea
    ✓ Pharmaceutical product
    ✓ Frozen food
    ✓ Cosmetics
    ✓ Organic Food
    ✓ Spices, and lots of others

Bags and Pouches Singapore manufactures each the stock and custom written Bags to suit the individual necessities. We build use of the rotogravure technique with the assistance of that we have area unit able to utilize up to nine colors on all custom plastic-Bags.

We additionally supply various designs for our plastic packaging Bags like,
✓ Flat bottom Bags
✓ Retort Bags, pillow Bags
✓ Three facet sealed Bags
✓ Stand up pouches and lots of additional
We manufacture our Bags mistreatment top quality materials like,
✓ PE
These materials area unit useful for enhancing the sturdiness and adaptability of our Bags.

Our Bags are added with metalized or aluminum foil layers which give high barrier against contamination. Plastic packaging is additional versatile than boxes as a result of it provides problem free storage and transportation. Bags and Pouches Singapore additionally manufactures plastic clear Bags that area unit the simplest possibility for you to travel along side as a result of it helps shoppers to examine through the Bags and that they will terribly simply mapped out the materials within the Bags. It additionally helps shoppers to shop for the product by doing a theoretic analysis. you may additionally notice our bags that area unit equipped with many accessories as well as,

✓ Re-Sealable Zippers
✓ Euro Slot
✓ Carrying-Handles
✓ Hanging-Holes
✓ Oval Windows

These Bags are added with degassing valves that facilitate in maintaining the flavor and fragrance of the product for a protracted amount of your time. We have manufacture these bags with shiny, shiny and matt finished so shoppers are often tempted to shop for the product prepackaged within the Bags. And within the finish it’s useful for increasing the turnovers further.