Coffee could be a product that is taken into account to be a delicacy by several and so it’s a valued product. thus we have able to at bags and Pouches Singapore has developed our own line of coffee bags that are accustomed package the coffee beans and ground coffee. we’ve got been pioneers within the packaging business through the event of latest techniques that have given the United States of America the platform to stand out.

  • coffee packaging is typically exhausted order to shield the content from atomic number 8 and wet exposure and that we give prime quality coffee bags that guarantee for protective the freshness of the packed coffee for an extended amount of your time.
  • Plastic materials like are utilized in the producing method of our coffee pouches together with:
    ✓ MET
    ✓ PET
    ✓ PPE
    ✓ PE
    ✓ LLDPE
    ✓ BOPP.
  • Modifications to our coffee bags are created on the market like:
    ✓ Re-sealable zippers
    ✓ Euro slot
    ✓ Degassing valves
    ✓ Hanging hole
    ✓ Tear notches and
    ✓ Transparent windows.
  • We manufacture coffee bags that are on the market with various material variations like kraft bags, plastic bags, and bags with single clear sides. We offer various sizes and designs of coffee bags by utilizing totally different materials and color picks.

Coffee bags are one in every of the safest modes of coffee packaging. Stock coffee bags furthermore as custom written coffee bags are created on the market at bags and Pouches Singapore for providing customers a range to suit their packaging needs. We are ready to print up to nine colors for our custom wrote coffee bags as a result of we have able to create use of the most recent rotogravure technique.

We also laminate our coffee bags with metalized of metallic element layers that facilitate to preserve and contribute to the packaging material’s effectiveness and it helps for elongating the time period of the product. We manufacture coffee bags with shiny, shiny and matte finishes. it’s a good promotional packaging tool as they’ll stand unattended on the shelves thence being flaunted to customers.

Degassing valves assist with protective product and hindrance against raptures of coffee bags. We also give vacuum bags for coffee packaging, which give protection against contamination.

you will notice that our coffee bags ar of the best quality that is in a position to satisfy all the necessities of customers and these bags can preserve the first fragrance, taste, biological process properties and wet content of the coffee product.